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Interview with @TheRealVeganMayo

blog therealveganmayo May 27, 2020
If you are not following her on Instagram, you are truly missing out!!

When I first saw Danielle's page, I was floored! Her page is full of vegan comfort food goodness, cheesy creations, and tons of other beautiful photos of her incredible vegan meals. Not only is her feed beautiful but her IG stories show case some of her recipes and how she creates the bomb food she shares with us. I'm so excited to do this interview! If you are not following her page, check her out at @TheRealVeganMayo!


One thing I always love to know is how people come up with their Instagram handle! What made you choose "TheRealVeganMayo"?

I actually wrote out several different options but I felt this one was the most clever since Mayo is my last name!

So as you know, I'm completely obsessed with your page! How long have you been vegan and why did you decide to become vegan?

First off, thank you!! I'm obsessed with yours as well!! I have been vegan for roughly a year and a half. I visited...

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