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Reaching Fitness Goals While Vegan

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2020

I’ve been drawn to the body building lifestyle for awhile.

After looking into it, it’s not something that I want to do, but I have wanted to train like a competitor.

I want the discipline that’s required to do something of that magnitude.

I’ve always wanted to push my body to the limits to see if I can go from being a mom of two to transforming my body to so much that if I ever wanted to compete in a body building competition, I might actually have a chance at winning.

You would think this would be easy eating plant based foods, but it’s been a bit more difficult than I expected.

Here are some things that I’ve found to be helpful on this fitness journey.

Hiring a Trainer

There’s just no way around this. Unless you’re already comfortable in the gym, know how to structure your workouts, and understand how all the foods you eat work in conjunction intricately with your workouts, it’s worth the investment to hire someone to help you.

If you are looking for a black female trainer who is a certified nutritionist and also works with plant based clients, I would highly recommend Rasheeta Fields aka (@prettypumpedfitness) on Instagram.

She’s been incredibly helpful. She explained a lot of information to me regarding macros and helped me understand nutrition as a whole. She’s located in LA. Even though most gyms are closed, she does provide online training.

If you are in the Kansas City area, there is a BLACK OWNED gym called Life Adapted Fitness. I currently work with Donald Hughes. I send him my food diary from MyFitnessPal everyday so he can see what all I’m eating and if I’m meeting my goals.

He helped me understand the importance of meeting my calorie goals and my macros.

I’m also working with my brother Nic Proctor when I can make it out to my hometown on the weekends. You can check him out on IG here: @nproctor06. I had an amazing session with him. You can see some of that footage here.

Both Don and Nic have participated in body building competitions which is why I chose to work with them. I need someone to help show me to properly use gym equipment and execute proper form while lifting weights.

Having someone right there to guide me through the moves has been incredibly helpful. This helps build confidence when you’re in the gym trying to workout on your own.

What if you can’t afford a trainer?

There is a WONDERFUL app called FitPlan. You can get a free 7 day trial when you sign up here. After that, it’s only $15.99 a month. You get to work with a SLEW of really good trainers.

There are high quality videos that show you how to do each move and different programs you can sign up for to help build your glutes, abs, or whatever else you desire.

Each day is planned out for you so you don’t have to guess what you need to do when you go to the gym.

Home workouts are also available.

Melissa Alcantara is my favorite trainer on the app. Take a sneak peek at what this app is like.

Do you REALLY need to track your food? What if you’re short on time?

Yes you do…at least for awhile until you get a better understanding of what you consume each day.
I know I know, it’s ANNOYING AS HELL to do and time consuming. I have been told time and time again by every trainer I have ever interacted with to use MyFitnessPal and track my food, so I’m finally listening.
I have given up on trying to cook food. I’m also over wasting food because I can’t cook it fast enough or I wait 5 seconds too long and my avocados go bad. 🙄What has been an absolute life saver, has been Splendid Spoon.
They sent me a box of their smoothies, soups, and bowls awhile back to try and I loved it.

Their food options are perfect for what I need right now, even though they aren’t all alkaline.

They hit the main nutritional factors I tend to look for.

All of their options are gluten free, soy free, plant based, low sodium, with no added sugar.

Plus you get free shipping. You can cancel at any time or skip certain weeks. Their customer service is amazing.

Save $25 off your first order by clicking here.

You can easily scan the barcodes found on all of their containers and upload it to MyFitnessPal. It takes 5 seconds to do.

The Protein Problem and Solution

Trying to reach my protein goals has been a struggle since I don’t consume soy or seitan.

I’ve found that my only other options of vegan protein sources are going to be high in carbs or high in fats.

My trainer (Don Hughes) encouraged me to try protein powder. I took his advice and it’s been so helpful when trying to reach my daily intake of protein.

It’s low in carbs, low in fat, and HIGH in protein. There are 20g of protein per serving.

Rasheeta was the one that introduced me to a BLACK OWNED company called PlantMadeCo.

Click here and use code BLAQVEGAN to get 10% off your purchase at checkout.

plant made choc.png

Looking Good and Feeling Good in the Gym

I’ve been trying to support as many black owned brands as I can. It’s important to me that I feel comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing when I workout.

I really like Kemetic Knowledge. Click here and use code BLAQVEGAN to get 20% off their merchandise.

You can also use Afterpay which allows you to make 4 monthly installments on your purchase.

Check out their “Goddess” leggings here. I would suggest sizing UP in the sports bras and order true to size for their leggings.

This has been one hell of and up and down journey, but I think I finally have the proper tools to stick to it and reach my goals. Of course I will keep you posted on the progress.


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