Posting content daily without strategy leads to wasted time and burn out.

Your time is valuable! If your content isn't driving traffic to your email list or to purchase your products and services, you're missing out on ways to monetize. You don't have to wait for brands with budgets to come along to get paid.

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This Zoom Session is for you if...

  • You need clarity on your vertical/niche
  • You need help utilizing Instagram to monetize
  • You don't understand your insights or where to find them
  • You want to create an online offer and don't know where to begin
  • You need guidance on what tech you'll need for your online business.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You prefer posting to social media "for fun" and without goals or strategy.
  • You have no desire to monetize using social media as a marketing tool
  • You're not willing to implement the changes needed to help you reach your goals or make money online.
Book a 90 Min Coaching Session

Influencer Success Stories


Monique doubled her podcast downloads in three months after implementing social media strategy. She's secured multiple paid partnerships since being on the VOI Agency roster.  Monique won the 2022 Veggie Award for VegNews for "Favorite Vegan Podcast".


Rasheeta F.

Rasheeta has landed partnerships with heavy-hitter brands such as Splendid Spoon, Reebok, and Athletic Greens.  Her following increased from 7k to over 30k in 7 months with Instagram coaching and social media strategy.  Her Instagram and Tik Tok reels have gone viral multiple times.

Tamika P.

"My following and engagement have grown exponentially. With Shauna's tips along with me being consistent with my niche, my followers increased by over 80%, and my accounts reached increased by over 1200% in three months!" Tamika's highest viewed reel is over 119k and counting.

Ready to sign up? Here's what's included:

90 Min Zoom Session


If you have any challenges at the moment with Instagram or setting up the tech for your online business, we can hop on Zoom to discuss.


What We Can Discuss

  • Instagram Strategy / Audit 
  • Organic follower growth 
  • Insights / Analytics
  • Help with Reels
  • Creating converting content
  • Other Instagram related content
  • Online offer creation
  • Marketing strategies for your online offer

What's Included:

  • Unlimited access to a private client portal  
  • Unlimited access to the Zoom session 
Book a 90 Min Coaching Session


10 Ways to Create Your First Digital Product

Learn ways to create a digital product so you can make your first 4-figures online.  Fill out the information below to have it delivered to your inbox.

Hi, I'm Shauna

I’m the CEO of VOI Agency and  I teach influencers and content creators how to secure paid partnerships and make money on their own terms with an online offer.

This coaching session is designed to give you the strategies needed to grow your Instagram account organically, market your online offers, and eventually be prepared to work with brands in the paid capacity. 

Here's a bit of my story...

After years of growing my social media accounts organically and teaching other creators to optimize social to score partnerships in the plant-based and vegan space, I realized something.

I was an unfulfilled creator. But I wasn’t the only one.

Countless content creators are unhappy and underpaid. They’re posting content without a strategy and frustrated when they’re not making money despite growing their following.

They also struggle to articulate the value they bring to brands so they can get paid what they deserve.

I want to help you shift your focus from vanity metrics such as follower count and likes and focus on converting content, impressions, reach, and website taps.  The metrics that matter most.

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Book a 90 Min Coaching Session

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