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I help entreprenuers launch their online digital offers and websites using Kajabi & Membervault.

Kajabi & Membervault launch services coming soon!

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Effortless Launch

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Does the thought of tech overwhelm you? Has it held you back from launching your course or website?

If so, head over to EffortlessLaunch.com. I would love to help you lose the stress and develop an effective launch strategy for Kajabi or Membervault. Don't let workflows, funnels, and tech stop you from moving forward with launching your digital products and servces.

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VOI Agency

Influencer Management


Too often, influencers are left in the dark when it comes to rates, negotiation, and managing campaigns.

I provide Influencer management to creatives who post plant based food content, products, beauty, clothing, and beverages.

It's my passion to help influencers monetize and get paid the rates they deserve.

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Meet Shauna

CEO of VOI Agency 

I started documenting my transition to a plant based lifestyle on Instagram in 2018.  Since joining IG, I've done several influencer campaigns and created a course called Thrive On IG where I teach Instagram Strategy. 

As an influencer, I've worked with brands such as Women's Best, Bentgo, Dr. Locs, One Degree Organics, Splendid Spoon, Planet Oat, and Evolution Fresh. 

I recently launched VOI Agency. I represent influencers by managing their brand activations. My first client was able to secure $5000 within her first month as part of the VOI Agency family. It's my passion to help influencers monetize and get paid the rates they deserve.

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