My mission is to help influencers secure brand partnerships that pay the rates they deserve.

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Tired of freebie offers?


After awhile, you get tired of posting free content day in and day out while brands profit off of your work.  

Let me ask you this, how would it feel to start securing 4 figure brand deals or more? 

What if you could confidently articulate the rates you want and deserve?

How about getting paid ON TIME while being able to negotiate and understand your contracts?

If you would love to start stating the rates you want and getting adequately paid, Vegans of Influence is for you.

My name is Shauna and I would be honored to be your 1:1 coach to help you do and achieve all of these things.

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Vegans of Influence

1:1 Coaching

No more fumbling through conversations with brands.  Lose the confusion around what to charge for brand collaborations.

This program will teach you the step by step strategies that I implement for my clients to get the highest rates they've ever received for collaborations.

You will leave this program knowing exactly how to confidently pitch, negotiate, and get paid rates that you deserve.

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VOI Agency

Influencer Management

Wanna avoid the process of pitching, negotiating, and chasing down your late payments from brands? 

Need help managing all the emails you get requesting collaborations?

Let us take the load off for you.

Within our first month of opening, we were able to secure $5,000 in paid collaborations for our first client.

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Thrive On IG Consultations

90 Min Zoom Session

Need help with the direction of your Instagram page? 

Sign up for a 90 min consultation and I’ll audit your Instagram page.  We’ll also create a strategy, set goals, and discuss ways for you to be consistent and engaged with your audience along with anything else you would like discuss for one Instagram account.

The zoom call will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to the video.

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Benefits of the Vegans of Influence Coaching Program


Build Confidence

Ever worry you'll name a price that's too high or too low when pitching or responding to brands? 

Scared of stating the rates you REALLY want and know you're deserving of?

When you join Vegans of Influence, I'll teach you how to do just that with confidence and how to back those numbers up to brands.

Earn Extra Income

You spend a lot of time creating content and time is money.

Feel good knowing the content you create will be monetized which creates an additional stream of revenue to rely on.

Spend time creating content knowing that it will lead to paid partnerships.  Your time is valuable and so is your influence.


Avoid Burnout

No more scrambling to post something last minute and feeling overwhelmed trying figure out what to post.

Learn strategies that will help you to post consistently and create content that adds value to your audience. 

You'll learn how to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and know how to create content...consistently.

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Vegans of Influence


  • Four bi-weekly Zoom calls
  • Video Modules
  • 4 months total of Slack Support
  • Lifetime Access to Content
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You can Google how to do this, or accelerate the process.


Vegans of Influence is an 8 week 1:1coaching program that helps you jumpstart the arduous process of navigating how to be an influencer successfully.  

You'll have access to your own private Slack channel for four months of additional support directly from me once you sign up.  You'll also have lifetime access to the online lessons.

Monique Koch - Host of The Brown Vegan Podcast @brownvegan

"In less than a month, you helped book me $5,000 in campaigns"

Monique is the first client of VOI Agency. She has secured brand deals on Instagram, Youtube, and her podcast since joining the VOI Agency family.

Rasheeta Fields - CEO of Pretty Pumped Fitness @rasheetajoy

"Shauna coached me through my FIRST PAID BRAND DEAL: $500! She taught me how to negotiate, made sure I was paid accordingly and reviewed my contract.

Shauna's a tech master, Instagram guru, and social media beast. Now, let me mention I had to step out of my comfort zone to see results but when I did, my engagement increased, I GOT PAID, and I felt confident about my business and content"

Xav Handfield - @theplantbasedbrotha

"Shauna Renee is the G.O.A.T that's been coaching me in her program to secure brand partnerships. She's dope, diligent, patient, professional, and really has a wealth of knowledge & resources."

Dwayne Bond - Founder of Healthy Whole Alive @healthywholealive

"Shauna has been a game changer for me on Instagram. She's my go to coach that has made all the difference in my IG presence and success. Invest your brand and connect with her ASAP"

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Week 1: Instagram Audit

I'll be going into deep detail of your entire Instagram page from your username down to the hashtags you use.

Week 2: Content Strategy

No more posting just for the sake of posting. It's all about adding value and posting with intention.  We'll go over how to create posts and captions that will establish you as an authority in your niche and increase engagement from your audience. We'll also go over an actual strategy to help you track your performance and reach your goals.

Week 3: Expanding Your Exposure

Instagram shouldn't be the only platform you're on as an influencer.  We'll go over how to expand your reach and get more out of the opportunities you'll have with brands.

Week 4: Working With Brands

This week, we'll brainstorm different brands, publications, and media that you would like to work with and how to prep before you start pitching.  I'll also share the methods I use to research brands prior to pitching.

Week 5: Researching Contacts

Once you know who you want to work with, its time to find the right people to pitch to. We'll go over the exact strategies I use to find the the proper contacts when pitching for my clients.

Week 6: Pitching Templates

This is where you get to put everything into play. It's time to start reaching out to brands. I'll provide you with winning templates that have led to secured brand deals. You'll also have customizable templates for various responses when replying to brands. 

Week 7: Pricing / Contracts / Negotiations

Do you know how to accurately charge for collaborations? If not, you will after this lesson. You'll also know how to understand your contracts and know what to make sure is included. We'll also go over how to negotiate your rates.

Week 8: Follow Up / Continued Partnerships

After successful campaigns, you'll want to keep an ongoing relationship. This lesson will discuss how to build relationships with brands and continue working with them in the future.

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