My mission is to help influencers secure brand partnerships that pay the rates they deserve.

Meet Shauna


I started documenting my transition to a plant based lifestyle on Instagram in 2018.  Since joining IG, I've done several influencer campaigns and created a course called Thrive On IG where I teach Instagram Strategy. 

As an influencer, I've worked with brands such as Women's Best, Bentgo, Dr. Locs, One Degree Organics, Splendid Spoon, Planet Oat, and Evolution Fresh. 

I recently launched VOI Agency. I represent influencers by managing their brand activations. My first client was able to secure $5000 within her first month as part of the VOI Agency family. It's my passion to help influencers monetize and get paid the rates they deserve.

My Services


Vegans of Influence

(90 min Consultation)


No more fumbling through conversations with brands.  Lose the confusion around what to charge for brand collaborations.

This program will teach you the step by step strategies that I implement for my clients to get the highest rates they've ever received for collaborations.

You will leave this program knowing exactly how to confidently pitch, negotiate, and get paid rates that you deserve.


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VOI Agency

(Influencer Management)


Wanna avoid the process of pitching, negotiating, and chasing down your late payments from brands? 

Need help managing all the emails you get requesting collaborations?

Let us take the load off for you.

Within our first month of opening, we were able to secure $5,000 in paid collaborations for our first client.

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Thrive On IG Consultations

(90 Min Zoom Session)


Need help with the direction of your Instagram page? 

Sign up for a 90 min consultation and I’ll audit your Instagram page.  We’ll also create a strategy, set goals, and discuss ways for you to be consistent and engaged with your audience along with anything else you would like discuss for one Instagram account.

The zoom call will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to the video.


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"In less than a month, you helped book me $5,000 in campaigns"


Monique Koch 
Host of the Brown Vegan Podcast


Transitioning to a Plant Based Lifestyle Course

If you are unsure how to get started on making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle, this course is for you! This course will help you prepare for the transition for the long haul.

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